Books for Adult Readers

The Way Home

The Way Home:
A Collective Memoir of the Hazelden Experience

co-authored by Richard Solly
foreword by Judy Collins
Hazelden Publishing, Inc, Center City, MN, 1997

The Way Home traces the lives of four individuals’ descents into addiction and their experiences of recovery. These fictionalized accounts reveal the interior journey, along with the events each of these real people encountered in their healing.

Get Ready to Read

Get Ready to Read
adapted from a book by
Brenda Hieronymus and Sally Moomaw
Redleaf Press, St.Paul, MN, 2006
(part of a four-book series,
Making Childcare Work for You)

Other titles I adapted for this series: Get Ready for Math, Behavior Matters, Not Just a Babysitter—so parents could benefit from the books that had been written for childcare professionals by two leading people in the field.

Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution
Hazelden Publishing, Inc., 2001
(part of a five-book series, Life Skills for Young People)

Other titles I wrote for this series are: Communication, Stress Management, Anger Management, Decision Making. The series features workbooks for teens as well as companion facilitator guides.

A Place Called Self

A Place Called Self:
Women, Sobriety,
and Radical Transformation

writing assistance to
Stephanie Brown, PhD
Hazelden Publishing, Inc., 2004

I helped Stephanie Brown, a leading writer, therapist, and teacher in the field of addiction, bring her book on the special challenges faced by women in recovery alive with stories of individuals. The book has received many accolades from its readers.

More Than Just a Place to Go

More than Just a Place to Go
co-authored with Kristin Johnstad and James Conway
Search Institute, Minneapolis, MN 2004

More than Just a Place To Go, a kind of recipe book for out-of-school programs, tells why these programs are so critical for today’s youth. It also shows how to make them happen.

Other Publications

“Early Neutral Evaluations: Applications to Custody and Parenting Time Cases, Program Development and Implementation in Hennepin County,” Minnesota Family Court Review, Massachusetts, 2006.

 “African Treasure,” “Giving In To Island Time,” and “Familiar Territory,” three travel articles in The St. Paul Pioneer Press, St. Paul, 2004 – 2006.

Stages of Change and Addiction: Clinician’s manual, written for Carlo DiClemente, Hazelden Publishing, Inc., Center City, MN, 2004.

Brief Intervention: Clinician’s manual, written for Ken Winters, Hazelden Publishing, Inc., Center City, MN, 2004.

“Defining Excellence for School-linked Services,” with Esther Wattenberg, conference summary (September 14, 1995 at the University of Minnesota), Minneapolis. MN., 1995.

 “Empowering Women Offenders: Balancing Strengths and Stressors.” A Design for Living: The Hazelden substance abuse curriculum for offenders, Hazelden Publishing, Inc., Center City, MN.,1994.

 “Expanding Patients’ Roles and Responsibilities: A New Dimension in Cost Management,” Summary of Proceedings of the Tenth Annual Meeting of the Minnesota Coalition on Health, St. Paul, MN., 1990.

 “The Corporate Attack on Family Violence,” Business and Society Review, New York, 1988. Paper also used extensively in multidisciplinary training sessions in the Minnesota Project on Corporate Responsibility.

Edited: 101 Activities for Kids Who Bully and 101 Activities for Kids Who Are Bullied, by Dave Mathews, Hazelden Publishing, Inc., Center City, 2002.

Edited: I Can See Tomorrow: A Guide for Living with Depression, by Patricia Owen, Hazelden Publishing, Inc., Center City, 1995.

Edited: “Hispanic Students: Adjusting Dreams to Reality,” by Dario Menanteau-Horta, CURA Reporter, Minneapolis, 1995.

Edited: Series of journal articles on sex and racial equity in institutions of higher education, by Caroline Turner, assistant professor, Dept. of Educational Policy and Analysis, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, 1994 – 1996.

The Science Museum of Minnesota gave me the opportunity to learn about and write a fun article on life in the Antarctic, “Life on the Cold Side,” Encounters, The Science Museum of Minnesota. 1991.