Little Loon Finds His Voice

written by Yvonne Pearson
illustrated by Regina Shklovsky
The Collective Book Studio, September 21, 2021
ISBN: 978-1-951-41233-3

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Little Loon Finds His Voice


Ooo aaa woo woo! Papa Loon’s voice calls out long and strong across the water. He warns of danger. He defends his family’s home. He even wards off predators. But Peep! Eep! Squeak! Little Loon’s voice is nothing like his Papa’s. When an eagle attacks, will Little Loon find his voice in time?

A water bird found throughout much of North America, loons are famous for their echoing calls. Little Loon Finds His Voice is the endearing, coming-of-age tale of one little loon that finds determination pays off as he finds his voice, and with it, his place in the world. Breathtaking illustrations transport readers to misty lakes and towering pines, and informative loon facts at the end detail the life and habits of these enchanting birds.

Little Loon Finds His Voice
illustration copyright © Regina Shklovsky, from Little Loon Finds His Voice, The Collective Book Studio

Awards and Recognition

Bank Street’s Best Children’s Books of the Year, 2022 STEM Collection
Foreword Indies Best Picture Book of the Year, finalist
PubWest Book Design Award, Silver Winner 


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“In this endearing picture book, Little Loon desires nothing more than to emulate Papa’s long and strong calls—a tremolo, wail, hoot, and yodel—whereas Little Loon only makes peeps and squeaks. … Lyrical prose follows Little Loon’s growth: “Until one day, as the sun tipped over the trees, Little Loon danced upon the water, flapped his wings, and rose through the crisp air.” Onomatopoeia is conveyed in engaging typography, while Shklovsky contributes sweetly expressive, intricate watercolor and pencil illustrations in a soft palette, employing captivating angles and dynamic spreads to hold readers’ attention. This illuminating tale simultaneously serves as a primer on the loon and a satisfying, well-paced chronicle of progress.” (Publishers Weekly, starred review)

“What a lovely combination of story and facts, lyrical language and compelling illustrations Yvonne Pearson and Regina Shklovsky have created!  Every child will rejoice when little loon finds his voice.” (Marion Dane Bauer, author of the Newbery Honor book On My Honor and The Stuff of Stars, plus more than one hundred books for young people)

“With lyrical, engaging text and gentle, intimate art, this book tells a story that is both familiar and fresh. Little Loon’s yearning to be big, to call like his parents do, will resonate with kid readers who know what it’s like to be small and to long to do grownup things. This story will also introduce them to something new: a real loon language that is as factual as it is enchanting. Page by page, we are invited to dive into this beautiful creature’s world, becoming fluent in loonsong ourselves as we watch Little Loon grow.” (Molly Beth Griffin, author of Loon BabyRhoda’s Rock Hunt, and Ten Beautiful Things)