Close Up

Storms of the Inland Sea: Poems of Alzheimer’s and Demen­tia Care­giv­ing
Octo­ber 4, 2022
First pub­lished in Open to Inter­pre­ta­tion: Fad­ing Light
July 2013

Like a print creased from age,
flecks falling from the cracks,
we lost parts of her,

a year at a time
a month at a time
a day at a time.

Some would have it
that a paint­ing
is more true to real­i­ty
than is a pho­to­graph,
that it cap­tures
a vibran­cy,
a char­ac­ter,
a pho­to cannot.

I would argue
a pho­to­graph
is more true to real­i­ty,
no mat­ter how
well-cared for,
with age
a pho­to fades,
los­es its acu­ity
and col­or.