Crossing the Continental Divide

in Cross­ing Lines Anthol­o­gy, pub­lished by Main Street Rag, 2015

continental divideHere at the crest of the hill
affini­ties sur­ren­der
snow scat­ters, water sheds
east and west, rivers diverge
from each other.

Here at the crest of the hill
Think how things divide—
The bark from the birch,
The peach from the tree,
The earth at its fault lines

Think how things divide—
The messy split of egg from shell,
Here from after, no from where,
And babies from their moth­ers.
Sand from sea, salt from water,
You from me.

We climb the hill to watch,
And wish against all evi­dence.
Join be to loved, our to selves,
and take more sand to the sea.
We leap fault lines,

even know­ing some­day
Life and time will diverge.
Time will sun­der rock
from moun­tains. For and
ever can­not stay together.